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Graphics Tutorials and More Graphics Resources and Tips
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials and Plug-ins/Filters; Photoshop Tutorials; Other Graphics, Color, Font and Typography Resources and Tips; Scanning Resources; Animated Gifs; Image maps

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials and Plug-ins/Filters Photoshop Tutorials Other Graphics, Color, Font and Typography Resources and Tips
Remember to also check the extensive collections of resources in the Colors and Graphics sections.

Scanning Resources and Digital Cameras

To keep file size down for web pages, scan photos, usually TIFF is best quality for the original to work with, and then convert them to jpeg 72 dpi (others suggest 80 or 90 dpi for the web) with your graphics program as this is the limit for what most browsers and monitor resolutions can distinguish. Always go back to the original image for any modifications.

Animated Gifs Be sure the extra load time is worth the graphic and for sure too many is not good!

Image maps

When you use an image map for navigation, it should also be offered with a text menu for the links. Even if you use alt text for the graphic, if the graphic does not show for people traveling with graphics turned off or for some reason the ISP does not load the image, there is no way to tell that links were even provided. Using a text browser like Lynx is usually not a problem as visitors can follow the links provided in the coordinates.

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A Note About Validation and Accessibility:
Bobby WorldWide Approved A This page is Bobby approved for accessibility. Try using another online accessibility checker to see what happens and get suggestions for a page you have made as many are easily implemented. Unfortunately Bobby is no longer available, but this is advice it gave to me. Adjacent links should be separated: I changed my text menu so that the brackets [ ] go outside of the total hyperlink. It was a challenge to separate the graphics of my menu by more than white space. Bobby 2.01 followed the lead of the WAI in instituting HTML 4.0 requirements which offers improved accessibility for people with disabilities. I added a descriptive TITLE to my image links. Advanced options of the latest version of Bobby allowed you to check a page using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (three Priority levels available) or U.S. Section 508. In 2000, I found more things to repair.

I also use this page as an example because it is the one page on my site that validated as W3C HTML 3.2 when I tested it more than a few years ago. I learned how to fix errors and warnings that showed up later on with several HTML checkers. This page now (2012) validates as W3C HTML 4.01 Transitional and HTML 3.2. Using the special character for Ampersands (&'s) in URLS fixed some validation warnings. I learned how to modify the expired counter javascript code, which you must not mess with, before I updated them.

Other pages on my site used coding to bold the text used inside the <dt> tag to emphasize minor sections—they did not validate for HTML 3.2 because strict coding did not allow this. Now in 2012, no complaints about bolding <dt> content, but I can't use <h3> </h3> heading tags to emphasize major sections with a definition list. To use the heading tags, reserved for structure, didn't change the display even though they do not validate, and work for most browsers. Because I use "deprecated" tags like font size=, align=, center and attributes for links in the body tag, this site will not validate for Strict HTML 4.01, but does for 4.01 Transitional using HTML 3.2 formatting tags. I didn't consider a switch to CSS for presentation until I knew most people have browsers capable of displaying new presentation features in a more reliable manner. To get the highest Bobby rating (service no longer available) valid HTML 4.01 coding must be used with the enhancements for accessibility. I did get all of my pagesß to validate as W3C HTML 4.01 Transitional when I properly use the <dl> </dl> (definition list).

[HTML] [Colors] [Graphics] [Graphics Tutorials] [Editors] [Extras] Sound [JavaScript/Java] [More]
[HTML] [Colors] [Graphics] [Graphics Tutorials] [Editors] [Extras] [Sound] [JavaScript/Java] [More]
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