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The Net Giving Campaign

Another gift to the Internet

One of the very first things many of us learned when we contemplated getting Internet access was that the richness available online was due, in a very real sense, to people's giving of their information, their skills, and their ideas.

Somewhere along the way, this concept seems to have gotten lost, with the influx of people who were not aware of the history of the Internet and the way it grew.

To honor the spirit of those Internet pioneers who paved the way for the rest of us, let's all do something to give back to the Internet or the Web. Your contribution can come in many forms. Are you a whiz at building pages? Why not offer to help newbies in building their own home page? Are you interested in computers and software? Usenet could use your help in one of the many newsgroups. Do you have information to share with others? Put it on your website.

Each of us has something to give. Do it freely, and without expecting recompense. You'll feel better about yourself, and the Internet community will gain richness from it.

Add this little image to your page to encourage others to give, and to remind yourself that you embrace that spirit of giving back to the Internet and the Web. Feel free to use any of the thoughts on this page as an explanation of your "gift."

Another gift to the Internet

When you add this image to your page, please link it to this page:

The "Net Giving Campaign" gif was graciously done by Jeff Bucchino, the Wizard of Draws. Jeff is a prime example of someone who has given freely to the Internet.    


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Sally Wallace started this campaign and created this page. She gave permission to host it here when the Online Refrigerator was on the fritz.