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Please send e-mail to Anne and also to the VU HTML Team with any URL updates.

The person that taught us all...Ghatten!!!... Cats and Cajun The Cat Came Back or Ghatten Comes Home, A New Place in Cyberspace!
Alfonso Gonzalez... A 7th Grade Class Page
Anne Hartman Web page resources and School Stuff
Barb... Paper-work's Web Designs 4/2004 not connect
Becky and Becky's Other... The Gift Basket Specialist
Bernard Hinkle... Story of his Military Flying Career
Bernie Weinsaft... Jazz and computer company links
Beverly Miller... Silverleaf Design, original Virtual Connection for Graphics and HTML into a Statement
Bill Whitney... About Northwest Boaters Net
Carol Banewicz aka cntrygal... A World of Country Music
Charlotte Chamitoff aka chacha... Computers and Software ...and Daylily Diary... and HTML Reference List
Dale Taylor... Neat Yahtzee Game
Daniel Ledarney... Investments to multimedia specialist!
Dawn Bannin... Birthmother/Adoption Resources
Dennis... Jobs for US Veterans site he made for a friend.
Denny... Updated and moved from All About Fairbanks Alaska not found 4/2004
Diane Christy... Family Page
Ellen... Adoption Search and Reunion 8-03-04 not found
Elva... Genealogy Research
Enrique... All about Palencia (Spain)
Flamingo... Travels and interests 6/00 not found and another page... Northeast High turned over to student
The Infosources Group... a study group's work
Inge Kristiansen aka inge... About British Columbia, Mac Resources and more
Irwin aka Shadrak... Genealogy and more
Joan Adler... All About Dogs
Kathy aka gotham... Graphics and Loving New York City and other site...7/99 empty dir 2/02 not found
Kenneth aka kenroy... Boxers were never like this before.
Linda Winans... can't find Craft Patch but did find a link to an assembly she started. A family page and cross-stitch 6/00 not found
Lisa and Richard... About Caswell Machine Works
Lynn Parr... Ardeth's Asylum!!! to new home of The Seventh Order
Michelle Osborn... Master Library Systems
Misty or PrissyBunny... Web Design Expressions at PageWave Live chat stuff 11/2003 not found Live chat stuff and
Patti... Aromatherapy and other esoteric content! Pet's Page
Paul aka DownEast... All about Digby Nova Scotia
Philip... Uncle Phil's Wacky World
Polly Edwards... A Family Site 4/2004 not connect
Rick Beauchesne... A Personal Home Page 3/02 not found 4/2004 not connect
Rina Hallock aka mae... found her classroom page online. 11/2003 not there The first one is not found 2002 Photos and someday links for families and educators
Roberta Kane aka Webchic... Internet Consulting for Non-Techies 8-3-04 is now a parked domain.
Ruby... The World from Her Side
Rui Branquinho... CompuStyle - Durban - PiX Internet 4/2004 not connect
Sally Wallace aka sal.... Journey to the South
SherylZ... Doe's_Den on IRC chat
Sonia... still online with abdasdep Alberta Bottle Depot Assoc but Putney's Past and Present 2/02 not there
Steve Charney aka who... Who's Here? 6/18/04 not found at geocities and family... and Writers Block Blockhouse
Sven Nehlin... Lots of stuff on Midi, Music and Radio 7/99 not found. Took off filename sm4cga_1.htm and The Swedish Radio Amateur Society - SSA forwards now to a new url
Tall Man...Model Rocket Shop same url, but site different
Tin... LFL Club 2/02 not found and the remains of his first one
Toni... Angel Pages about Pregnancy
Tuiren Bratina aka tab...Home page...and Math education
TXJune... Cyber Porch and more Texas June
Links to HTML Student Pages from other VU HTML classes.
Thanks to vikimouse... for designing Ghatten's Friendship Ring icon
Thanks to Virtual University... for offering online classes.

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Ghatten's Friendship Ring

More than five years + later many have still continued to create and update pages. Others had fun learning and went on to other things that did not include web pages as you can tell from the links that are gone or we have just lost touch.

Leapin and Anne shared url information to compile the original list.

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No longer found web pages from Fall 96 HTML class
Alan Matsunaka... Poetry by Alan 11/2003 not found
Angela Williams aka [[angel]]Group pictures... 2002 not found
Arturo aka Arthur... Learn about his homeland and HTML Spanish Version not found 2002
Barb... first page 7/99 not found
Bill Shiell... Dogs and Software 6/00 to not found
Cathy Morton... Delayed by 'puter problems, not at cybercity dallas/cmorton as of 8-97
Carl... All About Carl 11/97 12/97 not found
Carole Marshall... Home of the Mighty Hercules 12/99 not connect
Chuck Rothauser... Computer Network Architect 7/99 not connecting
Dan Guinta aka WebTech... Internet School House 5/99 no data
David Smith... A Personal Page 7/99 not found
Dennis... Information on Jobs for Veterans 2/98 not found
Diana Robinson Trapaga... Mexico Communicates 12/97 failed
Don Stine... The Stine Family Home Page 9/98 not found
Dugi... So Dakota, Family and computers 5/99 no data
Elizabeth... Quality merchandise at LBL Enterprises 12/99 temporarily offline 6/00 not there
Gayle Geer... A family Page 5/99 no data
Gem aka WebSpinner... A Family Page 6/98 not found
Glenda... All about Jacksonville and more 2002 not found
Guillermo... About HTML Web Page Development 11/2003 not found
Hans K... About his photography and cameras 12/97 failed
James Dyson aka jimdy... Politics and Politicians 5/99 no data
James aka Jasa... Jasa Shows his HTML stuff 11/2003 not found
Jane Morchio... Teaching English on the Net. 2/02 not found Academie de Nice
Jeff Harris... A family page with Tips for Accessible Web Page Design 11/2003 not found
Jeff Kittelty... Professional Entertainment Services 7-97 not found at
Jerry Jackman... Literary Sidewalk Cafe in Cyberspace 12/98 not found
joand... A site about face painting dunlop 7/99 empty dir
Jorge... Fishing and hunting. 2002 not found
Judi's Classical Masterpieces... On the Wings of Eros: Art, Poetry, and Music 7/99 reserved under construction 11/99 no DNS
Kahtan's Page... Under Construction 2/02 not found
Karim Kahn... Peace in all Languages, Periodic Table, Moffatts 12/99 not connect
Kate Pacey... her Canadian home U of Guelph 11/2003 not found. but 12/01 not there
Kelly Mitchell aka catchup... 11/2003 not found Leipzig 12/99 not connect Genealogy Resources 12/01 not there
Leapin... and 12/01 not there
Leapin... Cartoonish Clipart 2002 not found
Lynette aka Schoolmarm... About Children 4/2004 not found
Maria Gonzalez... The Bookbox and Santa's Mailbox not at angelfire
Mary aka MEJ... Family pages 11/2003 not found
Mary Nourse... Online classes for U of Idaho: example Internet for K-12 educators. 11/2003 access forbidden
Mary Vallis... A page for her daughter 8/97 not found,
Mike aka sailorme... Navy Stuff and more Adventures, Died May 24 2000
Nancy Haney... Food and Fun Information, not at geocities as of 7-97
Nellie Beatty... About Nellie 7/99 not found
Pat... Pat's Home Page, unable to reach server
Pamela aka DrMom... Nice Site for Native American Women 2002 not found
Racerad... his Cyber-World for graphics, sound, free stuff, searching... 11/2003 not found
Robert Cross... Knowledge on the Net, 7-97 file not found knowledgebuilder at
Robert Jae aka Barth... All About Robert 11/2003 not found
Rosebud... What's in Rose's Attic? 2002 not found
Roy Yeow... for Martial Art Center, Malaysia 2/02 not found
Sailorme Select... a study group's work also not online, Mike died May 24, 2000
Sandra Benward... Relaxing with the Benward's 7/99 not found
Sandy...Mystery Links 8/99 empty dir, no longer there
Shirley... The Fluegel Family Home Page 11/2003 not there
Sigridur.... All about Sigridur 6/00 directory listing denied, does not appear to be on redirect to ISP
Steve aka bahrd... Pots, Pans, & Poetry 11/2003 not found ... and" not sure what next... 5/99 no data, 11/2003 all not found 7/99 11/2003 not found Steve Tanner chili recipies online
Suzanne Reymer... About her experiences and interests 8/99 not found
Ghatten's original Place no longer online 1/2004

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