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Creating web pages is a lot of fun. You have come to the right place to find excellent tutorials, resources and tools to help you get started or to learn more about a specific task or area of web design. I enjoy sharing this collection of resources to design, create and maintain web pages as there is always something new to learn. Find basic tips and reminders in the Friends & Stuff section. Master the basics of HTML 3.2 and formatting tags to transition to HTML 4.01. Find additional HTML 4, cascading style sheets (CSS), separate content from presentation, web design references in the "MORE" resources section.

Contents In addition to HTML and Graphics, this main page also includes sections for Colors, Editors, and Extras—Information to understand urls, copyright and writing tips, checking your pages for valid HTML and accessibility, web hosts and getting your site to the web. Type to come back. Remember, that's Anne with an "e".

HTML and Web Development

Why Validate Your Pages? Write good html from the start. Resources to check in extras section.
Accessibility - W3C Properly designed websites and web tools can be used by people with disabilities. Examples and how to remove barriers. Help to do so. Extras section here has resources as well.
BigNoseBird.Com: HTML, CGI Scripts and more for the webmaster Something for everything with clear directions and advice besides being fun.'s HTML tag guide all together for version HTML 3.2
Browser Grid from WPDFD, important to know when designing pages for different monitor resolutions!
Browser History timeline: Overview Releases important to HTML and CSS development, 1992–2006: Windows and Macintosh IE, Mosaic, Netscape, Opera, and Safari. HTML Specifications/Browser Support History and CSS Specification/Browser Support History
Browser News: Statistics - Trends new addition to resources Learn about trends in browsers, colour-depths, and resolutions. Discusses browser trends and resolution trends for designers who want to decide what to support.
Dave Raggett's Introduction to HTML and More advanced features
Dave Raggett's Introduction to CSS W3C's Cascading Style Sheets language
Designing Accessible Websites | Web Page Design for Designers (WPDFD) Isn't at odds with performance or attractiveness.
Email Address Encoder new addition to resources online tool uses character entities to transform your ascii email address into its equivalent decimal entity.
Natata Anti-Spam Encoder v1.0 (file size 620 kb) new addition to resources Free PC download. generate code to use to protect email address on your web page. In your mail link replace your email address portion with the encrypted code for your email address generated by Natata Quick Encoder.
Hints For Web Authors Warren Steel stresses making documents platform independent.
HTML 3.2 Features at a Glance W3C
HTML 3.2 Reference Specification W3C Recommendation 14-Jan-1997 (World Wide Web Consortium)
Press Release: W3C Issues HTML 4.0 as a W3C Recommendation 18 December 1997. Overview, key features. Second release issued on 24 April 1998, superceded by HTM 4.01 24 Dec 1999.
Changes between HTML 3.2 and HTML 4.0 W3C Appendix A. "Almost all attributes that specify the presentation of an HTML document (e.g., colors, alignment, fonts, graphics, etc.) have been deprecated in favor of style sheets."
HTML 4.01 Specification W3C Recommendation 24 December 1999
HTML 4 errata Known Errors in HTML 4.01, minor editing. (4.0 errata in separate docments.)
HTML5: Edition for Web Authors Editor's Draft 7 March 2012, expect more changes.

Web design video tutorial for beginners - Sample video tutorial of Create A Web Page With a Mac - Mac Users Only shows how to set TextEdit for plain text files to start and save your html file. In Building Your First Webpage: Part 1 directions to start and save your html file with Windows Notepad. Cost for complete course.
HTML 4.01 in Netscape and Explorer -
HTML 4 for the World Wide Web, Fourth Edition: Visual Quickstart Guide by Elizabeth Castro, Oct 1999, includes HTML 3.2 recommended, price reduction. More information and online table of contents and example files from the book, recommended reading reference.
Basic HTML Tutorial 4.01 and new HTML 5 Nice free basic and advanced web building tutorials at with Try-It-Yourself On-Line Examples.
HTML Basics: Style and Structure - File Creation Guidelines Keep each tag on a separate line. Easier to see what's going on and to edit later.
HTML » Introduction - DevGuru Quick Reference HTML 4.01 lists all the tags.
DevGuru XHTML Coding Rules and Syntax For this latest version all attributes, events, and tags must be written in lower case; all elements must be closed; the value assigned to an attribute must be enclosed in quotes.
HTML, XHTML, and CSS: 6th edition Visual Quick Start Guide 2007 Elizabeth Castro
HTML Clinic Nice step-by-step tutorials with examples.
HTML Code Tutorial - Free Reference Guide for Help with HTML Tags including Forms, Frames, Tables, and more!
HTML Beginner's Guide - HTML Dog Good practice guide for XHTML and CSS
if you know nothing about HTML, this is where you start the Basics: 7 Primers. Other tutorials. Learn web page related tasks. Good place for beginners or more advanced with step-by-step directions.
HTML Help by the Web Design Group BBS to answer questions and a lot of information to create accessible sites regardless of browser, platform, or settings.
HTML Home Page W3C explains different versions and latest changes.
HTML Pitstop Great tutorial to get started and put your page on the web. Includes advanced too.
HTML Tag Quick Reference Guide Concise listing of tags all in one place. Register for free to view archives of Project Cool
HTML Test Bed Practice html online and save to file
HTML Tip: Extra Closing Tags Cause Layout Trouble new addition to resources
The How To Guide To Learning HTML new addition to resources Thanks Goranka for suggesting this comprehensive guide HTML4
Index DOT html and Index DOT css: the Advanced HTML/CSS references comprehensive html and browser information. tells which browsers support what tags and attributes.
Lissa Explains it All -- HTML Help and Tutorial for Kids also great for beginners.
How should text be presented within a website? Studies on font and text size readability, legible. Criteria for optimal web design (designing for usability). Comparison onlne fonts
How to Write Web Pages for the iPhone and Other Wireless Devices new addition to resources
My Virtual Reference Desk Creating Web Sites includes reviews.
Otter's Place for Faqs Easy to follow tutorials for html, web design and graphics written by VU instructors and students.
Screen Ruler new addition to resources JR free tool to measure graphics, web page browser sizes or design elements in pixels, inches or centimeters as you work. Launch from Windows shortcut on desktop. And one free ruler for Mac to measure graphics, web page browser sizes or design elements in pixels, inches or centimeters as you work.
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - HTML by Example for lists, tables, forms, frames, style sheets and image maps.
Tips, Tricks, How to, and Beyond | Web Design... for HTML & Web pages.
Tools for Special Characters, Fonts and Color Shirley's lovely to look at easy-to-use charts for VU
Top 10 Tips to a Great Web Page web design basics
Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design (Jakob Nielsen's Alert Box May 1996)
Typography from WPDFD, Feb 1, 2000, includes list of Mac and PC equivalent fonts.
All you wanted to know about web type but were afraid to ask WPDFD 2004 details and examples.
Knowing About Web Safe Fonts WPDFD 2008
Simple CSS: Creating More Readable Text WPDFD 2008
Web Development by John December.
Web Design and Style Resources from Windweaver. comprehensive links.
Web Page Design for Designers Search the articles and resources WPDFD.
What's New | Web Page Design for Designers new addition to resources Jan 1, 2004 Web Design FAQs the ten most frequently asked questions
Web Pages That Suck Examine to find tips for what works.
Web Standards Project Benefits of using "standard" technologies and problems when browsers do not adhere to standards.(h3)
What's Wrong With Font? Addresses issues with font tag which hinder communication.
Web Design Tutorials, Templates, and Web Designer Resources -
Writing HTML: lessons Good interactive tutorial by Maricopa CLI. Gives exact steps to start an HTML document with a text editing program.
Wilbur - HTML 3.2 Excellent overview, quick reference with grouped and alphabetical listing of all tags to refresh your memory.
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
Writing HTML Lesson 10 on special characters.
Standard Character Entities HTML: The Complete Reference: Appendix C -
Code special characters to display copyright symbol: © use &copy;  add non-breaking spaces with    &nbsp; and the ampersand & with &amp;  To show angle brackets   <   >   in coding examples on your page, use   &lt;   &gt; 
Tables Resources
Table Tutor my favorite, easy to follow by Barta. Must join to get complete tutorials.
Tablemaker! Fill in the blanks & make a table here.
Tables: Design assistance … for organizing data and highlighting information.
Table Examples Demonstrates basic table HTML 3.2 example and the code, example dressed up a little bit or one that demonstrates column and row spanning or a more complex table or one with padding.
The Table Sampler Demonstrates all kinds of things you can add to basic tables leading to more complicated table examples. Explains and shows the tags. A nice update, made popular by Netscape.
HTML Clinic - Using Tables Concise explanation of table parts and attributes.
Portion of the HTML 4.01 Spec on Tables
HTML 4.01 Table Notes Table design rationale and implementation issues.
How to Use Border Backgrounds A must read for tips to create a table so that text does not bump into the border. Now there are other ways to do this with CSS.
HTML Tip: Close Your Table Tags from NetMechanic - Webmaster Tips newsletter. explains browser inconsistencies and the reason to close them.
HTML Tip: Cross-Browser Tables setting border="0" and a tip for text formatting elements
HTML Tables Tutorials from HTMLGoodies
The Great Fixed Vs Relative Table Width Debate Pixels vs Percentage - (Web Design Issues)
Creating accessible tables WebAIM presents argument "use proportional sizing, rather than absolute sizing." Layout tables and Data tables.
Section on Tables Dave Raglett demonstrates table coding with examples and making them accessible.
Adding Graphics to Your Page Use align= in table cell
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Colors and Backgrounds

216-Color Webmaster's Palette Laboratory by VisiBone Ghatten calls the Color Lab "the best 'color picker' on the web." All colors arranged symmetrically by hue to select swatches and see how they look together (up to 8 at once). See online VACCC -- VisiBone Anglo-Centric Color Code descriptive names with blocks of color, color code chart and Swatches for many graphics programs. Poster color reference is wonderful to have close by!
Color Worqx Color Theory Tutorial Wow, thanks kot for telling me about this wonderful color tutorial! Example compositions illustrate concepts. Color Basics, Systems, Color Combinations, Color & Contrast, Itten's Contrasts, Proportion & Intensity, Contrast & Dominance, Shades & Tints, Color Studies. Three ways to describe a color: by its name, how pure or desaturated it is, and its value or lightness. Chroma: how pure a hue is in relation to gray. Saturation: degree of purity of a hue. Intensity: brightness or dullness of a hue. May lower the intensity by adding white or black. Luminance / Value: measure of amount of light reflected from a hue. Hues with a high content of white have a higher luminance or value. Shade and Tint, terms that refer to a variation of a hue. Shade: A hue produced by the addition of black. Tint: A hue produced by the addition of white.
About Color/Calla's Spot Computer primary colors are red. blue and green rather than the traditional red, blue and yellow artist's color. Secondary or complimentary colors are cyan, magenta and yellow instead of purple, orange and green. Lead to explanation of artist pigment and scientific light frequencies and color wheels. (no longer online)
BrowserSafeColors - dotParagon Table to more accurately judge the color. My choice as one of the first to try for choosing as it is easy to see all of them. Linked to Internet Archive Wayback Machine So sorry this site just disappeared from a few days earlier.
Websafe Colorizer Click a web-safe background color and see how it looks with all the web-safe colors as foregrounds with text.
Color Wheel Pro - a program that allows you to see color theory in action: You can create harmonious color schemes and preview them on real-world examples. (PC) Articles related to color include Color Theory Basics and Visual versus Mixing Color Wheel.
Causes of Colors - Why are things colored? Three causes — beautifully designed and illustrated. One of several exhibits in the webexhibits online museum, all of which promote discovery through multidisciplinary approaches that support all learning styles.
Color Blender new addition to resources Pick color format (RGB, HEX, %), two colors CSS safe, and blend/mix. The palette will show the colors you input as well as the requested number of midpoint colors, and the values of those colors.
Color Fidelity and Gamma from WPDFD Taming the Electronic Page.
How Colors of a Room Influence Mood new addition to resources Students found this site and thought it would be a great link to add for my visitors. Think you will agree. Also has color of psychology references.
ColorMaker and JS version Try different color combos online with a sample page or for your web page or your background.
6x6x6 Color Palette Clickable Map Netscape supported colors. Victor Engel's browser safe colors.
Color Meaning from Color Wheel Pro
Colour Palettes from WPDFD on creating a harmonious palette using a nature photo.
Computer Color Matters and Color Matters in general. Excellent information.
Search results: dithering - a whatis definition Search other technical terms as well
HTML Hex Color Code Conversion Rob from 831 explains how to convert using Windows scientific calculator.
HYPE's Color Specifier for Netscape v.3 Colors with name, RGB and #color code.
Monitor Gamma Robert Berger explains why images appear darker on some displays.
Netscape's 216 Colors from Barta's web page tutorial describes computer displays and why you might not get color you want. Added note that not as relevant today.
Non-Dithering Colors in Browsers Classic article. History Browser-Safe color palette with swatches and codes by Lynda Weinman. Save both and open them in your graphics program. Update - is the Browser-Safe Palette dead? know when to use them.
RGB Color Charts for HEX and Decimal to save. Read Doug's Thinking Hexadecimally
Color Terms from Color Spot at HTML Station (John December). Shades
Glossary of Color Terms COLORCUBE demonstrates basics on one page. Quick review. Click on term to learn more.
Color Definitions Doug's reference all words explanation - hue, saturation and more.
RGB-2-Hex Tool Univox's online conversion of RGB color values to hexadecimal triplets. . Color Theory Notes on Visual Interaction and Design discusses choosing colors to communicate messages and experience.
a Quick Color Explanation Nice discussion of primary and hex additive color mixing.
Website Tips for Designers - Color Color charts, articles, tutorials, resources about color and color blindness. Color Psychology, Meanings, Color and Design.
World of Color Dmitry's Design Lab April 1997 starting with color wheel
CSS Legal Color Values Specifies all the methods to define colors and which browsers support.
Online tool Color Scheme Designer not websafe colors, but fun to try and see results
Color Palette Generator enter the url of an image to get a color palette that matches the image.
Contrast Analyser for Windows and Mac | The Paciello Group Primarily a tool for checking foreground & background colour combinations to determine if they provide good colour visibility. Also contains functionality to create simulations of certain visual conditions such as colour blindness.
Background Resources
Most clipart and graphic collections have background graphics.
Search Results: web page backgrounds Ten pages to search listed by borders, textures, tiles
How Background and Border Graphics Tile A must read!
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Graphics and Web Tools

Use of ALT texts in IMG Tips for meaningful use of alternative text with graphics.
All Free Original Clipart also has links to helpful information. A-1 Icon Archive's Graphics Usage Page the "skinny" on JPG and GIF. My favorite for explaining the differences with tips.
Banner Generator Make one for your web page.
Clip Art Searcher Search forms optimized to find graphics files. Google Advanced Image Search is another. Subscription fee to use royal copyright collection. (way back was called ArtToday)
Cool Archive Free Clip Art and Fonts new addition to resources - clipart, fonts, graphics, icons, animations, backgrounds, arrows, sounds. Logo generator and button maker also. - where you make the image!! Create graphics, logos and text in a variety of styles, fonts and colors online.
Creating effective web sites for AOL users Why you need to uncheck "use compressed graphics" for web graphics in AOL preferences.
the DepARTment Store Graphics from Ann-S-Thesia's gifshop require a link for using the graphics
FlamingText: Free online tool for generating custom webpage graphics and animations
Go Graph Stock Photography over 5 million affordable royalty free stock photos, illustrations, vector clip art and royalty-free footage clips. Database contains images on a wide variety of topics and can be viewed for free or purchased for any project. More economical sister site to Can Stock
Foto Search Stock Photography Features over two and a half million images and royalty free photos from more than 150 top publishers.
Stock Photography at Can Stock offers flexible royalty free stock photography, vectors, illustrations, graphics, and stock footage at low prices. Purchase and download stock images immediately. 7 Million stock photos and instant downloads starting at $2.
GIF, PNG, JPG. Which one to use? new addition to resources Web graphic file formats with examples.
Graphics 101 new addition to resources Basic image and file format concepts with examples, hands-on how-to guides to six of the most common tasks involving images.
Graphics Formats for the World Wide Web PNG JPEG
GifBot Image optimization shrink gif jpeg graphics NetMechanic online Image Size Reduction and Optimization free sample/trial (includes animated) and jpeg shrinking online
Online Image Converter new addition to resources Supports many file types and targets, GIF and JPG
Online Image Editor new addition to resources Free to convert image formats, create special effects with any gif or jpg including resize, crop, colorize, optimize, and more. Use help to guide you.
Photo editor online - edit image new addition to resources free, pixlr blog for details. Select Pixlr-o-matic for photo effects, vintage retro, rounded corners, crop, re-size. Also available as a download, on Facebook, as Chrome web app and for your IOS or Android device. Editor, create your own or edit image from computer or url. Pixlr Express more control over effects, can use video cam.
Gif Transparency Creating in Paint Shop Pro from Laurie McCanna's tips and tutorials
Graphics Ring - for all your free graphics needs! new addition to resources nice variety WDG FAQ: Images Tip to prevent that little "tic" mark (extra underscore) when using linked images.
HTML Image Tips techniques to minimize image transfer time.
IconBazaar images displayed by categories. subscription to access.
Icon Browser lots are there with a search engine to find them.
K-12 Clipart & Graphics Sites Gina annotated
Media Link's Free Graphics! Original graphics, gif animations. Use with filename. Some links are not there
Windweaver Best Image Sites free Clip Art, Web Graphics, Image and Stock Photography web sites—"not just a list of links -- but the best!"
So You Want a Thumbnail Image, huh? Joe Burns prior
So You Want To Align Text, huh? to wrap around images
a ShortCourse in Sensors, Pixels, and Displaying Images How PIXELS relate to image sizes when displaying, printing, and scanning digital images. A must use Pixels and Image Caculator, and Scanning Calculator to download in Excel spreadsheet format, pixelcalc.xls scancalc.xls
Thumbnail Images as Hyperlinks Otter gives information and examples for resizing, reducing and reformatting graphics, including animated gifs.
Web Page Thumbnails - how to keep them crisp Reduce images by exact integral amounts - a half, a quarter, an eighth, etc. for less distortion.
Transparent Gifs Making them in PSP 5 is different from earlier versions. Thanks to Joe Cilinceon for allowing me to host his tutorial.
How to create a good favicon new addition to resources that image that appears at the left of the web address bar of internet browsers. Use search engine to learn more and find tips.
Online Pic To Icon Converter, Website Favicon Resize images of JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO, BMP or TIFF formats and convert them into icon size you need. Can also choose the output icon file formats: ICO, PNG, JPG, GIF, or BMP for different platforms.
Dynamic Drive- FavIcon Generator Convert an image online with directions to add 16x16 favicon.icon to your site. Might not show up right away.
Transparent Gifs using Mac with GraphicConverter.
Transweb Transparent-Gif Service give the url of the image and the value of the color you'd like to transparentize online.
"WebFX" - The Web Graphics Tool Online graphics manipulation tool to apply effects to any image.
the Wizard of Draws' Graphic Treasury! Jeff designed original cartoon graphics for sal.
Graphics and Image Manipulation Software
Completely Free Software - Windows 9x graphics programs.
AMC Gif Construction Set Professional Alchemy Mindworks PC Windows shareware to make animated gifs.
GifBuilder Mac software for making animated gifs, Yves Piquet
GifConverter shareware for Mac
AMC Graphic Workshop Professional Alchemy Mindworks PC Windows shareware
GraphicConverter Lemkesoft shareware for Macintosh, Mac picture editor, photo editor, image editor, graphics conversion
Graphic and Image Tools - Group 42, Inc.Group Windows image viewing and graphic software, shareware
Lview Pro Home Page download shareware version image processing program. || Graphic'ware
PaintShop Pro X4 at Corel was Jasc, great program for editing and creating graphics. PSP also comes with a gif animation program.
IrfanView Free image viewer and converter for Windows. Can convert to .ico
Picasa new addition to resources Free automated image organizer from Google. Edit, crop, enhance, create slideshows. PC and Mac
ThumbsPlus for PC makes it easy to create thumbnails of your images.
Photo Resizer - software from Show Your Photos Resize photos, especially useful for creating thumbnail images. Free trial pro or donation free version.
Photoscape : Free Photo Editing Software (Photo Editor) Download new addition to resources PC
Free Stuff - CoffeeCup Software free PC Image Viewer, others are free trial downloads and new programs Mac and PC
The Plugin Site - Free Graphic Tools new addition to resources Adobe Photoshop plugins and plug-ins, filters and effects for Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo-Paint, Adobe Premiere for Mac and PC
Microangelo trial version, create/edit icons for favicons.
Graphics and Multimedia Reviews Reviews freeware and shareware
SnagIt - Printer Capture PC and Mac trial, Rollie's favorite
Download Free Graphic Tools at SnapFiles
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Editors for HTML Tags and Content

Basic Text Editor
For learning html, use a basic text editor like Notepad (Windows) or SimpleText or TextEdit (Mac) to actually type in the HTML tags and contents for your HTML document. Save your file as text only with the name followed by .html or .htm extension instead of .txt and open the file in your browser to view it. To upload the page to your ISP, use the name like index.html or .htm required by your ISP for your first page or front door.'s First Impressions Page: Why your main page matters most. This process of obtaining a working knowledge of HTML should make it easier to choose and use an editor in the future. WYSIWYG vs. Hand Coding, the Great Debate presents reasons for using both. article HTML Editors how to choose and evaluates best and worst software for PC, Macintosh, Linux/Unix. I use one like a text editor with the advantage of color-coded tags and line numbers to make it easier to view my code and test. TextWrangler free for Mac. CSE HTML Validator Lite HTML Editor and Syntax Checker for Windows, free for personal and educational use only.
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Extra Resources to Write, Check, and Host Your Pages

Copyright, Urls and File Structure, Writing Tips Online Computer Dictionary and IT Encyclopedia common Internet/web/tech terms.
Webopedia: Online Computer Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms and Definitions new addition to resources
Hyperlinking: linking from one page to another
Naming Files & Understanding URLs
Internet Research - Understanding URLs
HTML Basics: Style and Structure - File Directory Guidelines File Directory Guidelines has tips to organize your files using subdirectories. Create an index.html for each one.
The Web Diner Tutorial for Understanding Paths, URLs, and Links Nice explanation of "absolute vs. relative urls" and how to code links in your html documents. With relative links ../ in the html tag tells the browser to go up one directory level.
Public Domain Images Photographs and images safe to use on your site, when to ask for permission, legalities, resources to find them.
10 Big Myths about copyright explained
FindLaw Legal Subjects: Intellectual Property and Copyright
What is Copyright Protection?
Copyright Clearance Center Online helps organizations comply with U.S. copyright law
Copyright Website - Websites Ownership of Text, Graphics, Script, Data and Code as well as other considerations with lots of information to explore on this site.
The HTML Writers Guild joined with International Webmaster's Association, IWA-HWG, the professional association for the growth of the professional web design company and individual. Offer web design training with discounts to members.
A List Apart: 10 Tips for Writing the Living Web article by Mark Bernstein
Writing for the web another take by Dave Riches
The Trouble With EM ’n EN (and other shady characters) Hyphens are not dashes. Sheerin's online typography tips on A List Apart (ALA)
HTML Symbol Entities see section Other Entities Supported by HTML.
NONAGS lots of editors and other free or shareware to download too.
Winplanet Windows Software Reviews and Downloads used to be Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps List excellent online World Clock - time zones to get current local times around the world, customize for your needs, search for time by city or region. Fixed times calculator and meeting planner. Calendars.
Tucows shareware site. HTML accessories, graphics programs, etc. for PC and Mac.
Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET for MAC and PC
Webgrammar's Editing & Writing Services confusing words/phrases, grammar, style and writing tips in Judy Vorfield's Writing Center.
Common Errors in English Use the errors list when you are not sure of the correct word to use.
Virtual University VU offers inexpensive online classes on a wide variety of topics.

Checking Your Pages
Dr. Watson online HTML analysis to easily check your pages. Catch little mistakes like extra or missing closing tags, typos in tags, verify code, links and spelling.
SiteReportCard: Web Site Optimization and Promotion Tools new addition to resources Easy to use code check, even finds missing quotes, characters needing special character code, link checks, search and meta tag suggestions. Spelling usually only finds thing in HTML tags, urls and names which you can't change.
W3C HTML Validation Service Checks for a variety HTML standards. Select More Options to check boxes to Show Source and Verbose Output in the generated report. Character Reference and Document Type can be changed for different standards.
W3C CSS Validation Service Check Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and (X)HTML documents with style sheets. More Options gives choices for Profile and Medium. - FREE Online Web Page Checking Service Check CSS or HTML/XHTMLA. Stricter but shows your coding with suggestions to correct. One error might trigger many errors on down the page, easier to fix than it seems. From CSE HTML Validator.
CSE HTML Validator Lite - FREE HTML Editor and Syntax Checker Customize options, be sure to close optional tags. Standard and Pro versions check accessibility.
Linkrot (Alertbox June 1998)
Link Valet new addition to resources Fantastic online link checking on your page, and also spiders your site. It doesn't quit like others that stop after checking only 25 links. Each page report includes a summary of all links from the page with a brief description of the link. Links are highlighted if there is any condition that you might wish to investigate: Link returned an error. Server redirected the link (the link works but should be updated). Contents of link have been updated since last obtained a link valet report.
NetMechanic HTML code help - check tags and links. Get one free sample, 25 link limit. Be sure to recheck any links not found as sometimes they are not available because of server problems or the author is changing things. Even a week or more later they might reappear or do a search to find a new location. You should periodically check links by hand.
AnyBrowser Web Site Viewer to see your site as others might by selecting the HTML Compatibility level.
The WDG's Links to Validators
Lynx Viewer and html2txt was lynx-me. Approximate how your page looks in text-mode web browser, Gerald Oskoboiny. HTML Authoring Services: "Delorie Software provides a number of free services to the web community to assist web authors who wish to make their information available to the largest audience. These tools provide alternate ways of viewing your pages, so that you can ensure that your content is received properly by all viewers."
Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer
Anybrowser.COM - Screen Size Tester Test Mac and PC views for most browsers as well as defaults.
Web Page Monitor Tester See your page at different screen resolutions for Mac and PC, Steve Younis.
Web Page Purifier shows what your site looks like using various standards of HTML and also in WebTV.
Google Thanks to Susanna for the tip to use it when searching for sites that are down. The latest cached version might contain information to help you track down what has happened to a link.
Internet Archive Wayback Machine Lost your favorite web page? Look to see if it is archived here.

Web Accessibility and UK Law: Telling It Like It Is: A List Apart ensure that websites are available to all that use them.
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 W3C Recommendation 5 May 1999 (WCAG), Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 W3C Recommendation 11 December 2008 (WCAG)
Comparison WCAG and Section 508 Web Compares Priority 1 Web Content Accessibility checkpoints with the Section 508 Web Accessibility standards. (Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended by the Workforce Investment Act of 1998)
Designing from the user perspective challenges and solutions for visual, hearing, motor, cognitive
Web Accessibility Toolbar new addition to resources for browsers and other helpful tools bt WAT-C [Web Accessibility Tools Consortium].
UI Access | Accessibility Resource Links Government Laws, Regulations, Policies, Standards, and Support
Web Site Development Information, Good Site Design Practices extensive listing of resources and tips to create pages "accessible to the widest possible Web browsing audience."
Viewable with Any Browser: Accessible Site Design Guide
WebAIM: A Review of Free, Online Accessibility Tools
A-Prompt (Accessibility Prompt) new addition to resources NOTE: A Checker Web Accessibility Verifier - software tool designed to help Web authors improve the usability of Web pages created in HTML format. Windows 98/98SE/2000/Me/XP
Accessible Information Solutions - Web Accessibility Toolbar IE Developed for Internet Explorer to help developers assess many aspects of a Web Page that impact on accessibility. Also WAT [For Opera]
HTML5: Techniques for providing useful text alternatives W3C Editor's Draft 16 February 2012, many examples in context to determine when to not over due or more description needed.
WebAIM: "Skip Navigation" Links to get to main content.
WAVE - Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool free, provided by WebAIM. Easy to use. Shows the original web page with embedded icons and indicators that reveal the accessibility of that page. Alerts for problematic link text and more.Let's you know if there is not enough contrast background and color. Help Four types of reports
IDI Web Accessibility Checker : Web Accessibility Checker Achecker, identify known, likely and potential problems. Options for Standards to check.
Accessibility Check - Etre
AMP Express - Accessibility-On-Demand Accessibility Management Platform (AMP) Get a free accessibility report. Measures compliance against Section 508, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and other international standards. Register to get details.
Accessibility Valet Demonstrator
Color Contrast Tools
Index of Color Contrast Samples
GrayBit v2.0: Grayscale Conversion Contrast Accessibility Tool - Main Page

Web Hosting Pages and Uploading Information Free 500 MB, Allow FTP as well as online EasyUpload utility. Will delete site if no activity for 90 days.
Tripod free 20 MB web site, 1 GB bandwidth, ad supported
BigNoseBird.Com's Homesteading Page- Where to stick your site for free! Bruce's recommendations review free hosting services that also support cgi scripts, some allow business sites.
Yahoo! GeoCities - unfortunately no longer hosts free Home Pages. Many learned and created sites there.
Netfirms web hosting small business no longer free, new low price Plus Plan 4.95/mo Web Hosting Directory - Web Hosting Resource Since 1998 Lists places with info about the services.
Web Hosting Search - Find the best web hosts with reviews and special offers Find by category or by criteria
Web Hosting - Compare web hosting providers, read Guide to Hosting to learn terms and to select categories that might best meet your needs. Free Web Site Hosting Services lists
Understanding Bandwidth, Transfer Usage and Hosting Dave's Website Design Tips and Tutorials
Web Page Design With AOL Tips to upload your page from VU class members.
Internic | Whois search
WHOIS Search for Domain Registration Information | Network Solutions
Better Whois: The WHOIS domain search that works with all registrars new addition to resources Tips and information.
InterNIC | FAQs on the Domain Names, Registrars, and Registration Check back for updates. ICANN
Domain Registration > International TLD Registry Operators listed by Yahoo Directory
NameSecure: domain name registrar .com. net .org .biz .info. Register/renew domain names, manage account information online. Can also transfer and manage domain another place to register/transfer existing domains and manage your domains, inexpensive and rated as reliable
Nominet registry database .uk domains
The benefits of domain consolidation
DNS Stuff: DNS tools, WHOIS, tracert, ping, and other network tools
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Guide to the rest of this site: The remaining sections are on four separate pages. More Web Page Resources for beginning and advanced HTML, DHTML, Style Sheets (CSS) and web page design are found on that page with resources for mailing lists, magazines, newsgroups, web page design and style, DHTML, style sheets, CGI, forms, free counters, forms and guestbooks without cgi access, Promote your Page, metatags, more accessibility links, advanced topics and more tips. Find Graphics Tutorials and More Graphics Resources and tips. There are tutorials for Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop and resources and other tips fonts and typography, choosing the best format, JPEG or GIF, preparing graphics for the web, colors. Information about animated gifs, image maps and scanning. The other two pages are Sound and Multimedia, and Javascript and Java resources.

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