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JavaScript Resources

The WWW Security FAQ: Client Side Security Are there any known security holes in JavaScript?
JavaScript FAQ - Home Page
JavaScript Kit- Your comprehensive JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, and Ajax stop (formerly Website Abstraction) Also has Coding Forums for advanced topics.
Adding more than one JavaScript to a page A must read for those wanting to avoid conflicts!
Debugging JavaScript programs July 96 at JavaWorld
Error-free JavaScript was an article written at CNET and was excellent to understand how these errors occur to avoid them in your scripts. Sources of errors include browser incompatibilities, bugs, bad input, bad design and coding, unexpected results, unavailable resources, loss of state so testing is important.
JavaScript (In)Compatibility among various implementations of JavaScript with differences between Netscape and Microsoft, Harry Tennant
JavaScript tutorial for the Total Non-Programmer Good site to begin learning.
Voodoo's Introduction to JavaScript version 2.5, classic by Stefan Koch in several languages, 1996-1998.
Debugging JavaScript
JavaScript Tip of the Week Archive - Tip Repository | WebReference
Doc JavaScript - JavaScript Tutorials, JavaScript Tips, and JavaScript Tools. Yehuda and Tomer Shiran
DevGuru JavaScript Quick Reference guide explains and gives comprehensive, working examples of code in a definitive manner for the JavaScript language
AutoScripter - Script Engines for Web Developers Luckily the co-authors of "Cut-N-Paste JavaScript" (a favorite link not found when disappeared) have a wide variety of free scripts here for PC and MAC. In the Other section, the "Automatic Page Resizer" script is what you went for a web page that will adjust the size of graphics and text to fit the size of different browser windows. Some are for cgi.
Timothy's JavaScript Index Page
JavaScript Source: Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources, and Help - JS free excellent JavaScript resource with tons of "cut and paste" JavaScript examples for your Web pages.
Big Nose Bird's JavaScript Info/Resources
JavaScript Pop-Up Window Primer 1998, Martin Web, more JavaScript, plus other technologies including Java.
Hands On JavaScript Course
JavaScript News and Other Resources | TechRepublic search JavaScript, current and archived past articles.
JavaScript 101 What You Need to Learn JavaScript and Where to Find It
Thau's JavaScript Tutorial | Webmonkey |
JavaScript Tutorials, Articles and Resources from HTMLGoodies
JavaScript Free Scripts and Examples - web.blazonry take a look at the rest of the web development stuff.
Wowarea's JavaScript Course There are other free guides and courses in English and Italian at Wowarea.
While JavaScript can add a lot of fun to a web page, I get upset when it is used as the only way to navigate a site. Viewers whose browsers do not support JavaScript (even if they can use JS, different browsers are not always compatible) or who do not have JavaScript enabled are totally stuck! I am a person who has to see everything and really appreciate the people who take the time to research their code and make the necessary changes when I have written to them that the menu choices are not working for me. If there are too many JavaScript errors on a page, my browser can really hang up.

Java Resources

Java Help Center End users download latest versions Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Remove older versions first. Installing, FAQs general questions and wireless. Helpful Concepts and Definitions
Where to get Java technical information Differences JRE (Java Runtime Environment) - for Computer users who run applets and applications written using Java technology and Java SE (Java Platform, Standard Edition) - Software developers who write applets and applications using Java technology. Help Center FAQ general questions. Latest and official releases of Java are made available to developers and users only through the and the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) websites.
Oracle Technology Network for Java Developers Since Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems in 2010, you'll find detailed support, technologies, tutorials (trails) as well as what has moved to their site. Many will only need to know about Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that is needed, includes Java Plug-in needed for your operating system and browser versions. This allows you to use pre-compiled applets on your web page as well as view Java content on the web. Those with more serious aspirations to learn programming and create applications will need the Java Development Kit (JDK).
World Wide Web Security FAQ: Client Side Security Are there any known security holes in Java? W3C
Your Source for Java Information -
Essentials, Part 1, Lesson 3: Building Applets
Oracle and Java | Technologies Why Java? original independent resource for Java developers, architects, and managers. News, feature articles, tutorials, podcasts, archives JavaWorld, Newsletter. Research Centers.
Brewing Java: A Tutorial Cafe au Lait Java FAQs, News, and Resources
HTML 5 object Tag from The <object> tag defines an embedded object within an HTML document. Use this element to embed multimedia (like audio, video, Java applets, ActiveX, PDF, and Flash) in your web pages. The <applet> tag is not supported in HTML5. Use the <object> tag instead. The <applet> tag was used to define an embedded applet.
The JavaBoutique Applets can be sorted by category, name or date. When you select one, directions to download, how to use, with sample HTML code.
JavaScript Kit Free Java applets Nice selection of free applets. Cut & Paste.
jGuru: Your view of the Java universe Free Java applets, tutorials, references, Java books, and more!
The Java Tutorials (also available in book form)
DevX: Java Zone articles, discussion, archives. Search for "Get Help With" for 10 minute solutions.
Write CGI programs in Java - JavaWorld - January 1997 from Liz
Java Programming Resources: Java, Java and More Java. There is a Beginners Corner for those new to computer programming.
IBM developerWorks : New to Java programming Overview, tips, tutorials, IBM learning services education, some for JAVA for programmers familiar with Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) and C++
Java Woman may move site to
Java Developers Journal
Java Technology FAQ Java Help Center
Download information at SUN to get the latest version to use for your web browser with your operating system.
The Java Applets do not work! Site FAQ |, ISP Information what to do when an applet does not work, good to know when you are also at other websites. Clear your Java Plug-in cache, reboot or update. Verify that Java is enabled in your browser.
[HTML] [Colors] [Graphics] [Graphics Tutorials] [Editors] [Extras] Sound [JavaScript/Java] [More]
[HTML] [Colors] [Graphics] [Graphics Tutorials] [Editors] [Extras] [Sound] [JavaScript/Java] [More]
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