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What is "Ghatten's Friendship Ring"??

The existence of this "Ring" is an outgrowth of the first Class 821: Constructing a Home on the Web For the HTML Challenged in the fall of 1996 that was hosted by:

Virtual University,

The ring has grown along with the content for new classes offered each semester since then. In these classes people learn how to make a basic web page through a combination of emailed lessons, using IRC and the web to communciate with other class members and the instructor. Other classes explore more advanced topics.

Some of the class members decided that they did not want to lose touch after the class ended so they formed an email ring through which they would be able to keep in touch. Members now include anyone taking the online classes who endorses the spirit of keeping in touch and they can display the "Ghatten's Friendship Ring" logo on their pages.

So why the logo??

To promote online learning and to assist others in finding out how!

Ring members found that taking the class online was a highly rewarding experience and they feel that doing the same yourself not only can help you learn about a topic of interest but can introduce you to a lot of great people!

Members of Ghatten's Friendship Ring highly recommend looking into classes on line through Virtual University and also to explore other offerings out there. To see some of the pages that the class created as a result of these classes, please feel free to visit our:

Links to Pages of Students who have passed through the online HTML classes.

Find out more about learning what resources are available to create web pages, check out the:

Resource Library no longer online

(Which was created by a Ring Member!)

If you still have other questions you can contact Ring Member: Anne, through email.

To find out what a Ghatten is go take a look here.

To Anne's World Web Page Resources

Special Thanks to vikimouse for the Ring Logo and the use of the cute cat bar.
Visit "The MousePad" for more of her terrific work!!