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On this page you will find some tips for creating a web page and a little bit about some of my online friends and favorite places. I still keep track of resources and volunteered on the HTML Team for online classes at Virtual University. As a school social worker for SPS, I appreciate all the terrific Internet resources for kids and families and created another annesworldinfo site with school, child and parent stuff. While I miss Pittsburgh museums, hills, and my sister who still lives there, I love living in Michigan with all the lakes. My sister introduced me to the wonderful art of her husband's cousin Sara Eyestone when they gave me one of her calendars. My talented nephews Kevin (recently had a showing of his work) and Eric Webster Brown are both artists. After more than 2 years of production, the PeaceMaker game is available for online download. The press and reviews are amazing. Eric did the graphics for a site that was a pleasure to work on for Jane Holmes Residence and Gardens (archive) where my sister was on the board before it closed. My son David has not caught the create your page bug. 4th of July kite

A favorite tool -- free virtual ruler to measure anything on your screen -- PC Screen Ruler added and one for Mac to measure graphics, web page browser sizes or design elements in pixels, inches or centimeters as you work. Launch from a shortcut on your desktop. About Daylight Saving Time with a link on the World Clock - Time Zones to see when it starts for you. Download free screensavers and wallpaper each day at Webshots. To check current season Episode Lists linked to more information for many TV shows.Before you forward email with information that you question, test a phrase at Urban Legends Reference Pages to make sure it is not a hoax. Keep informed with CNET product reviews, downloads and tech news.

Handy online tools: broadband Speed tests,'s Universal Currency Converter and - convert just about anything to anything else includes convert bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, for computer memory, hard disk, data conversion and finally a Sales Tax Calculator at the Conversion & Calculation Center (25 Feb 2012 convertit/go/convertit/ internal server problem)

It's fun to see what Internet friends create. Chris mapped our to virtual neighborhood  virtual neighborhood. We met taking online classes at VU and studied using mIRC to communicate. Stop by Bec's Wrecked Room. While Sal's online refrigerator is on the fritz, she didn't want to throw out every thing and retrieved this gift from a shelf, The Net Giving Campaign. I helped school friend Oren get started to redesign the Redford Theatre site. Take a tour with the wonderful original theatre organ or catch a movie and concert.

Internet Security
A favorite free PC program for being more secure on the web is Spybot-S&D, available for many languages and help to get you started.Combine with a firewall: another is Free ZoneAlarm firewall. Lavasoft's Ad-aware is also nice.Keeping your virus checker definitions updated and knowing more Symantec Security Response a threat explorer and virus and threat removal tools. Now Threats and Vulnerabilities on the Mac, especially for those running Windows as well and sharing files. (I recently got a Mac and everyone says I don't need one, but ... I now question.) AVG Anti-Virus Free edition. Another free for home non-commercial use antivirus software that is constantly updated is AVAST. I decided to pay for the Internet Security version with firewall, discounts for multiple computers. Also available for MAC. I also like and used free Avira aka AntiVir. I'm using some email tools MailWasher (trial to turn into free version) to view mail on your server, identify and delete spam before downloading to your email and PocoMail, no longer for sale. The Mozilla browser Firefox with helpful knowledge base and forums is my first stop to solve problems. Luckily Thunderbird and Firefox have editions for MAC. On the hunt for MAC equivalents for PC utilities and programs.

red HTML purple HTML red HTML purple HTML red HTML 
red HTMLSnoopy on top of his dog house to class 821 pages  Class 821 homes started in the fall 1996 VU HTML class.

TIPS for Creating a Web Page

lightbulb Here are a few tips for those who want to create a web page. Or reminders for those who already started one. Tutorials for the first steps of Basic Web Page Creation for PC and MAC no longer online. Then I suggest starting with one of the interactive tutorials or the HTML PitStop or primer at HTML Goodies listed in the HTML section. Try the online examples. Start a simple document in your text editor (Notepad for Windows users, SimpleText for MAC users) and name it with a .html extension; then open the file in your browser to view it. This video shows how to save an HTML file. Experiment and play with the different tags to learn what is possible. BigNoseBird.Com is a wonderful site to look at first for design and getting started and then go back to for lots of different topics. Network with online or real time friends when you get stuck. Branch out to use other resources as you need them and use my sitemap to get around. Consider signing up for HTML classes at Virtual University (VU): you will learn a lot even if you have already started a web page. Eagle's and Rollie's Paint Shop Pro classes at VU are also a must. Then join them at thePlace to continue learning by doing more projects. Glo teaches some of the Advanced HTML classes (Feb 2012 not connect) . KOT developed Intro to Color Theory.

When you get to adding graphics paint box, save them in the same directory where you have your html files so that they will show when you open your file in your browser. Make sure the filename you use matches what you upload as filenames are case sensitive. Do not use spaces in filenames for graphics or web pages. Use ALT text. When adding links, it is safest to always copy the url from the location window of your browser or the bookmarks/favorites and then paste it into your html file.

In windows, first highlight the url (click and drag your mouse over the text or use shift and the arrow keys), then use the options from the Edit menu or Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste. In Netscape when you are in the bookmarks, click on the place, right-click and select Properties to see the url. Because the edit menu is not available here, use the Control key plus C to copy.

You eventually will want a graphics program to resize and convert images or make them transparent. To get your page to the web, contact your ISP for directions or try one of the places that offer free web space. You might need to use a ftp (file transfer protocol) program to upload your html and graphic files to the server. How to Upload Your Web site will get you started. If you are tempted to add sound to your page, check Belov's site in my sound section so you will not crash browsers and see why I prefer a clickable link. Page needs update for MAC! When you want to try making a table, it is easier to create and test when you turn borders on as you work with it, then for the final version you might wish to turn off the borders.

glasses Keep checking your pages. Remember to reload or refresh to see changes when you edit. Clear your browser's disk cache when you add and change graphics or want to see how fast your page will load. If something does not work, it is often because there is a missing quote or angle bracket or you mistyped a tag. Joann reminds you to check that you have added a space after a tag before you type the attribute. Some of the tutorials do not tell you to put quotes around the information used in your attributes but it is a good idea to do so -- like color="blue" or height="32" width="50" when you are creating your pages. This is now needed for people using WebTV to view pages and there may be other reasons in the future.

Test in different browsers: some like MSIE are more forgiving of errors and display anyway, but you might get a blank page in another browser without even realizing it. I still always run my pages through Dr. Watson free HTML analysis as it catches little mistakes like extra or missing closing tags, typos in tags, and links to pages that have moved.

You do not need to have the "perfect" page completed before you upload it. Take it in stages and have fun. Ask friends to take a look as things like colors and tables may appear differently depending on the user's computer system and monitor resolution or browser.

Many of us continued from the fall 1996 821 class in teams for the winter class 825 to create "Web Pages that Make a Difference". Graphics 831 was next. As part of study groups, we learned more creating Infosources Group Information and Societal Information. Fun doing The Hens, another group page no longer online. Spring 1998 brought advanced web design with Style and Substance. Summer, 1998 was spent researching add-ons and working on the interactive site after Ghatten twisted my arm to co-teach Turbo-Charging your web page - demo pages no longer online. Sal's artichoke work Sal's "artichoke work", created when we played with veggies at virtual Apple Corp, is significant because it is the first graphic I used learning to make web pages. Visit links to Student Pages from VU HTML classes. The lessons keep getting better and better as students ask questions. All of a sudden Otter or another member of the HTML Team has revised a lesson or created a faq to answer HTML, Graphics and Web Design questions (L-1). Lesson numbers in parenthesis for resources are by topics for the 5 or 6 week VU class.

Links and ideas for Web Page Resources grew from study groups, classes and instructors with special thanks to
Ghatten, Sal, Bec, Chris and Irwin.

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Ghatten's Friendship Ring
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[HTML] [Colors] [Graphics] [Graphics Tutorials] [Editors] [Extras] Sound [JavaScript/Java] [More]
[HTML] [Colors] [Graphics] [Graphics Tutorials] [Editors] [Extras] [Sound] [JavaScript/Java] [More]
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